The creators of 7 Days to die, a.k.a. The Fun Pimps, have released the stable version of 7 Days to Die - Alpha 16 today.
We have updated the server to the new version. This means, we had to reset all progress. Most bugs that were splatted during the experimental fase, should now be fixed and the game should be even more entertaining now. Enjoy!

The Project Ozone 2 server is online! Project Ozone 2 is a FTB (Feed the Beast) like mod package for Minecraft. You can't run this game without a special client, which you can download HERE. After that, you have to create an account, which you can connect to your existing Twitch account.

When done, browse the mod packages in the client and search for Porject Ozone 2 and download it. When it is finished with installing you can play this mod package and you can join the server like in the normal Minecraft client.

Please join the server on IP adres with port number 25566

Our new Minecraft server has been setup. This is a vanilla survival server. This means no mods or other enhancements. Just regular, plain old Minecraft.
The server will be running the latest vanilla version, so keep your client up-to-date and you can play.

Please join the server on IP adres with port number 25565.